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Mareli Visser  aka  Die Koektannie



Mareli will be gathering her 6th group to join her in France in 2019. Her fame sprouted as winner of the successful  TV show and baking competition "Koekedoor" a few years ago. Subsequently she has hosted a series of baking shows, published books on baking, appeared at festivals with her own shows and overall has become a household name in South Africa. Whilst all this happens in the background she still runs her own very popular wedding venue in her hometown.  Mareli is a super talented, enthusiastic personality but most of all an absolute treat! Much loved by young and old. Don't miss out   on this fantastic experience with her.











Jenny Kilzer  aka  Madame Funky


               Cooking ATELIER    

 Jenny has a few very successful cooking tours to France under her belt. This fun loving and creative chef is the owner of KKB in Knysna.  A venue that hosts a cooking school, restaurant and offers self catering accommodation.  Here you will find Jenny either in the kitchen or her painting studio, usually catering for a crowd or teaching and demonstrating.  She takes it all in her stride and does things in her unique, generous and very entertaining style. A workshop with her will make you go home bursting with energy and new found inspiration. 

Come and join in the celebration of life with this highly skilled and talented lady.             

For more information check out her youtube videos as Madame Funky and the KKB website:                                                                                


                                                                                                                                                                             *  Fun Groups with a special guest  

 Every year Grange Bleuet welcomes enthusiasts who want to share the experience in a group.  This may be painting, cooking, baking, cycling, photography or any other activity. The group is usually lead by an expert in the chosen field. Anyone can join in these fun and creative endeavours. For more information please feel free to contact us.

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